Recording Studio

R Productions is a Grammy nominated professional recording facility with top names in recording equipment and a design that gives artists a clean and relaxed environment in which to produce, mix and master their next project.

R Productions Recording Studio is located in Bridgewater Ma. and since 1991 has given it's clients top quality recordings.

  • Tracking using the highest quality preamps, EQ's, compressors, microphones, AD conversion, and cable
  • Stereo mixing and mastering using our full range Genelec monitoring system in our ruler flat control room


  • Cubase Pro 8.5.15
  • Avid System 5 Console
  • Genelec main monitoring system - 1038B, 7071A
  • TC Electronic System 6000
  • TC Electronic Finalizer
  • Unlimited midi
  • Full automated mix and recall of entire mix
  • EQ and dynamics on every channel
  • RME HDSPe Madi - 64 channel - Zero latency
  • Neve 1073's
  • API 512C's
  • API 3124+'s
  • API 550B EQs
  • API 527 Compressors
  • Focusrite ISA-828
  • Avid Eleven Rack
  • 100's of plugins from Waves, TC Electronic, Steinberg, Lexicon, Fabfilter, iZotope and SSL
R Productions Recording Studio
30 Ivy Circle Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02324
Phone: 5086976668
Located in South Shore Massachusetts, Plymouth County